The Life Of A Handyman Near Zootastic Park

Could you imagine being a handyman that performs services at or near Zootastic Park?

Well that is exactly what you can expect if you RJ Mooresville's Handyman Services

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Zootastic park is located in Troutman, NC. It is a wonderful place to go in the Lake Norman area. If were looking for a family fun attraction where you can see a variety of exotic animals such as lions, tigers, giraffes, monkeys, libras and more.

Zootastic park is open 7 days a week, but their schedule varies on the weekend. If you were a handyman that was hired to work at this park, could you think of some of the unique repairs they would need?

Here is a list of things we had in my mind.

General Repairs and Maintenance

Carpentry Work 

Power Washing


Tile Work


And probably so much more

Here is a cool video I found of the Zootastic park experience

If you need help finding it, here are some driving directions. Driving Directions from a local clients house located at 35.7112,-80.7997

Driving Directions back to our location from the clients house 35.7112,-80.7997

Other nearby areas we serve 35.6751, -80.8442  and 35.6570-80.8886,35.6389, -80.9109, 35.6389, -80.8886, 35.6389, -80.866435.6931, -80.910935.6028, -80.9109, 35.6570, -80.7775, 35.6751, -80.8886, 35.6570, -80.8886, 35.5847, -80.8886, 35.6570, -80.8886

Driving Directions to Zootastic Park from our location

Driving Directions from Our location to zootastic park

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